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Counselling Directory

Counselling Directory provides a huge support network of counsellors, psychotherapists and support organisations across the UK. Not only can visitors find a counsellor, they can learn about different types of distress, read about the varying approaches to counselling and find articles written by the counsellors themselves offering valuable information and advice.Visitors can also read personal experiences written by individuals who have had counselling, search for members who provide online, email and telephone counselling and find details of upcoming events, the latest news and related statistics. Each counsellor on the website must adhere to our Counselling Directory Policy, which ensures we list only registered/qualified professionals.
Counselling Directory


Hypnotherapy Directory

Hypnotherapy Directory lists full profiles of hypnotherapists, detailing the different types of hypnotherapy offered, the fees they charge and their background information. Misconceptions about hypnotherapy can prevent individuals benefiting from the positive changes it can have. Hypnotherapy Directory seeks to challenge all misconceptions, ensure the public is aware of the positive changes it can bring, and provide information, advice and support. Upcoming events, the latest news and articles written by hypnotherapists can all be found on Hypnotherapy, along with the answers to a number of frequently asked questions. Each hypnotherapist must adhere to our Hypnotherapy Directory Policy to ensure only professional hypnotherapists are included on the website.
Hypnotherapy Directory Logo


Life Coach Directory

Life Coach Directory aims to make life coaching much more accessible so many more people have the chance to experience how good it can feel. Life coaching statistics reveal that two-thirds of people who see a life coach find they are more self aware after having done so. Visitors to Life Coach Directory are able to find a life coach, read about the different areas that life coaching is available for, find articles written by our members and see any upcoming events they may wish to attend. Our Life Coach Directory Policy ensures we only list professional life coaches so visitors can feel safe using our service. The Life Coach Directory team is passionate about increasing awareness of the positive benefits life coaching can achieve.
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Nutritionist Resource

There is so much conflicting advice about nutrition and most people don’t know what to believe, or how to change their habits to benefit them personally. Nutritionist Resource seeks to bring together all the latest advice from qualified/registered nutritionists to ensure the public is aware of the positive changes good nutrition can bring, and provide information, advice and support. Visitors to Nutritionist Resource are able to find a nutritionist, read about what nutrition is, find articles written by our members and see any upcoming events they may wish to attend. Our Nutritionist Resource Policy ensures we only list professional nutritionists so visitors can feel safe using our service. The Nutritionist Resource team is passionate about increasing awareness of the positive benefits nutrition can have on all aspects of an individuals life.
Nutritionist Resource Logo


Beauty Resource

Beauty Resource aims to be the leading website for beauty, connecting those searching for information or advice with the largest support network of beauty professionals in the UK. In the past it’s been hard to find a beauty professional online and even harder to find information about the treatments they offer, how much experience they have and the prices they charge.However, Beauty Resource has transformed this and it’s now quick and easy to find all of this information with one simple search. Visitors are also able to read the latest news, find upcoming events and read articles by beauty therapists on our site. Our Beauty Resource Policy ensures only qualified/registered beauty therapists are included, so visitors know they’re in safe hands.
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Therapy Directory

Therapy Directory brings together complementary therapies and allows visitors to search for the complementary therapist most appropriate to their needs. Each therapist has sent in proof of qualifications and insurance, or proof of membership with a professional body, for each complementary therapy they appear for in the search results. There is a vast amount of information on each therapy and how it can help with different areas, along with information on all the professional bodies in each industry. There are some useful FAQs, articles by members, events and the latest news.
Therapy Directory Logo


Accountant Directory

Accountant Directory lists professional accountants and bookkeepers alongside a wealth of information on all things financial. With the aim of making money matters less complicated, we provide everything you need to know about hiring an accountant or bookkeeper – from informative fact-sheets and FAQs, to articles written by accountants themselves. Helping visitors find an accountant suitable to their/their business’ needs, our members provide information rich profiles detailing their services and experience. All of those listed with us must also adhere to our Accountant Directory proof policy to ensure only qualified/registered professionals are listed.