About Us

Memiah Limited provides the complete
business package for professionals advertising online

Our Mission Statement

To promote a healthier, happier society by nurturing ideas, growing businesses and bringing people together.

Our Values


We act with the highest ethical standards and deliver our promises.


Our service is continually developed around feedback from customers to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be.


We fully support each other as a team, and treat our customers the same way.


We are truly passionate about the service we provide, and the continual development of it.

Family Values

We treat each other and our customers with the same values we’d treat our family with.

Our Story


Set up in 2005 as a result of not being able to find the correct professional ourselves, Memiah Limited is passionate about helping qualified professionals promote their services online in the most effective way. In doing so, visitors are able to select the most appropriate professional quickly and easily.

Our network of directories were launched after the growing frustration we felt that directories only published contact details. Each individual searching for a professional has different needs and will look for different qualities in that professional, and we felt passionately that we could provide a much better service than what was available. Not only was it important to provide more information about the professionals themselves, but about the industry too.


Each of our directories list full profiles for each professional, detailing the areas they specialise in, the fees they charge, their qualifications and experience and background information as to the kind of person they are. Our directories also answer the most frequently asked questions in the industry, have articles and events published by the professionals themselves, display the latest news, statistics and much more.

Our focus has always been on promoting our own service successfully, as by doing so we are able to promote the professionals listed with us. Our network of directories attract an average of 600,000 visitors a month and rank highly in all the major Search Engines.

In 2011, we developed our service further and allowed professionals to build a website. In the six years previous, we had built a great reputation with professionals on our directories and knew they wanted a simple, cost-effective way to create their own website and manage it themselves.


We use the latest software to automatically optimise each website for Search Engines, and we offer free support and advice based on our own SEO experience. Each website can be set up in 3 simple steps and managed easily.

To tie our services together we also offer a tailored business advice guide with each of our directories. We know how to connect visitors with the most appropriate professional, and we are able to pass this information on to each professional.

We have built our service based on feedback from our visitors and members, so please feel free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions.